The Classic Years Trilogy (Ltd. 3lp/3cd) - Eloy
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LP 1
2Between The Times00:06:08
3The Sun-Song00:04:54
4The Dance In Doubt And Fear00:04:30
5Lost!? (Introduction)00:05:20
6Lost?? (The Decision)00:05:04
7The Midnight-Fight / The Victory Of Mental Force00:08:11
8Gliding Into Light And Knowledge00:04:16
9Le Réveil Du Soleil / The Dawn00:06:48
LP 2
1Poseidon's Creation00:11:42
2Incarnation Of Logos00:08:26
3Decay Of Logos00:08:17
4Atlantis' Agony At June 5th, 8498, 13 p.m. Gregorian Earthtime00:15:38
LP 3
1Astral Entrance00:03:04
2Master Of Sensation00:06:00
3The Apocalypse00:14:55
4Pilot To Paradise00:07:02
5De Labore Solis00:05:14
6Mighty Echoes00:07:16