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The greatest science fiction adventure of all time Now an Apple Original series from Apple TV+

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The greatest science fiction adventure of all time Now an Apple Original series from Apple TV+
Isaac Asimov was born in 1920 in Russia and was brought to the USA by his parents three years later. He grew up in Brooklyn and attended Columbia University. After a short spell in the army, he gained a doctorate and worked in academia and chemical research. Asimov's career as a science fiction writer began in 1939 with the short story 'Marooned Off Vesta'. Thereafter he became a regular contributor to the leading SF magazines of the day. Asimov wrote hundreds of short stories and novels, including the iconic I, Robot and Foundation. He won the Hugo Award four times and the Nebula Award once. Apart from his world-famous science fiction, Asimov also wrote highly successful detective mystery stories, a four-volume History of North America, a two-volume Guide to the Bible, a biographical dictionary, encyclopaedias, and textbooks, as well as two volumes of autobiography. Asimov died in 1992 at the age of 72.
Praise for Isaac Asimov and his Foundation series

A true polymath, a superb rationalist, an exciting and accessible writer in both fiction and nonfiction, Isaac Asimov was simply a master of all he surveyed. Greg Bear

Asimov served wondrous meals-of-the-mind to a civilization that was starved for clear thinking about the future. To this day, his visions spice our ongoing dinner-table conversation about human destiny. David Brin

Isaac was still in his teens when I met him, a fan of mine before I was a fan of his. Writing for John W. Campbell back in the famous golden age of science fiction, he became one of the founders of our field. With the Robot stories and the Foundation stories, he helped to shape science fiction as we know it. Jack Williamson

I grew up on the ABC s of science fiction Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke. There s a reason Asimov s name comes first, and not just because of the alphabet! Janis Ian

With his fertile imagination, his wit, and his prolific output, Isaac Asimov truly laid the foundation for all future generations of science fiction writers. Kevin J. Anderson

If anything can be said to have been the launch pad for space-age science fiction, it has to be the Foundation trilogy. It s a classic. And it s unforgettable. Jack McDevitt

The Foundation series is one of the masterpieces of science fiction. If you ve never read these novels, then you re in for a treat, and even if you ve already read them, then you owe it to yourself to reread them, because they re still great. Allen Steele

Quite simply, Asimov got me started. Liz Williams

Asimov s Foundation trilogy was the pivotal touchstone of my life in creative fiction. His vision and scope spanned the galaxy across eons, and at the same time he told deeply personal stories of living characters. The writer I am sprang from the boy that these books touched back then. They continue to move me still. Thank you, Isaac, for opening my mind and my life to the possible. Tracy Hickman

I m sure there will be more Foundation stories, and more robot stories, and more science-fictional mysteries, because those are Isaac s legacies to us. But reading them won t be quite the same. There was only one Isaac Asimov; there will never be another. Mike Resnick