Always-The Warner/Reprise Recordings 1987-1991 - Atlantic Starr
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  • Anzahl: 3 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 28. Mai 2021
  • Hersteller: ROUGH TRADE / Cherry Red,
  • EAN: 5013929089808
  • Artikelnr.: 61443774
CD 1
1One lover at a time00:04:02
2You belong with me00:04:55
4Don't take me for granted00:05:06
6Armed and dangerous00:04:09
7Let the sun in00:04:04
9I'm in love00:04:27
10All in the name of love00:05:27
11My mistake00:05:20
13One lover at a time (Extended Version)00:08:02
14Let the sun in (Extended Remix)00:09:02
15All in the name of love (Single Version)00:03:57
16Always (Edited)00:03:58
CD 2
1Under your spell00:04:29
2Bring it back home again00:04:12
3I'm in love with you00:04:29
4Don't start the fire00:04:00
5Love ain't fair00:05:03
6My first love00:05:09
7Woman's touch00:04:01
9We're movin' up00:04:05
10My sugar00:03:51
11I can't wait00:04:01
12You deserve the best00:03:40
13Bring it back home again (Joe Smooth Extended Mix)00:07:00
14Bring it back home again (Joe Smooth Underground Mix)00:07:10
15My first love (Extended Mix)00:06:35
16My first love (7" Edit)00:04:15
CD 3
1I can't wait00:05:06
2If you knew what's good for you00:04:36
3Love crazy00:04:46
4Hold on00:04:14
5Lookin' for love again00:05:01
6Come lover00:04:39
7You hit the spot00:04:19
9Girl, your love's so fine00:05:14
10My special lover00:03:56
11Unconditional love00:05:52