The 30th Anniversary - The Hooters
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  • EAN: 4011222330994
  • Best.Nr.: 31198694
  • Artikeltyp: Musik
  • Anzahl: 4
  • Datenträger: CD
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29. Oktober 2010
  • Hersteller: Sony Music
CD 1
1I'm alive00:04:08
2Time stand still00:03:52
3The boys of Summer00:04:58
4Until I find you again00:04:08
5Until you dare00:04:47
6Morning buzz00:03:38
7Where the wind may blow00:03:42
8Catch of the day00:03:03
9Ordinary lives00:05:04
10Free again00:07:04
11Keine Titelinformation00:04:05
CD 2
1I'm alive00:03:56
2Time stand still00:03:59
3South ferry road00:03:49
4All you zombies00:06:11
5The boys of Summer00:04:51
6Johnny B.00:06:31
7Where the wind may blow00:03:49
8Karla with A K00:05:54
925 hours a day00:04:22
11And we danced00:04:56
12Day by day00:03:52
13Free again00:07:39
CD 3
1Introduction (Acoustic)00:00:37
225 hours a day (Acoustic)00:03:37
3All you zombies (Acoustic)00:05:44
4Time stand still (Acoustic)00:04:13
5Johnny B. (Acoustic)00:04:05
6Morning buzz (Acoustic)00:03:43
7Satellite (Acoustic)00:04:58
8The boys of Summer (Acoustic)00:05:02
9Day by day (Acoustic)00:03:54
10Ordinary lives (Acoustic)00:05:03
11Karla with A K (Acoustic)00:05:02
12I'm alive (Acoustic)00:03:57
13And we danced (Acoustic)00:04:30