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CD 1
1I don't care anymore00:05:05
2I Cannot Believe It's True00:05:16
3Like China00:05:08
4Do You Know, Do You Care?00:04:58
5You Can't Hurry Love00:02:55
6It Don't Matter To Me00:04:17
7Thru These Walls00:05:05
8Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away00:04:44
9The West Side00:05:02
10Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning00:03:11
CD 2
1I don't care anymore (Live)00:06:30
2I Cannot Believe It's True (Live)00:05:29
3Like China (Live)00:05:41
4You Can't Hurry Love (Live)00:03:04
5It Don't Matter To Me (Live)00:04:23
6The West Side (Live)00:07:37
7People get ready (Live)00:03:18
8Thru These Walls (Live)00:05:03
9It's alright (Live)00:02:22
10Oddball (Demo)00:04:30
11Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away (Demo)00:04:42