Best Of,The Very - Blue System
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CD 1
1Sorry little Sarah00:03:32
2Big boys don't cry00:03:12
3Gangster love (Maxi Version)00:04:29
4She's a lady (Maxi Version)00:05:00
5My bed Is too big00:03:16
6Under my skin (Radio Version)00:03:34
7Silent water00:03:27
8Love suite00:03:15
9Magic symphony00:03:37
10Love me on the rocks00:03:15
11Nobody makes me crazy (like you do)00:03:29
12Call me Dr.Love (A new dimension)00:03:21
1348 Hours00:03:54
14Love is such a lonely sword00:04:17
15When Sarah smiles00:03:47
16Try the impossible00:03:27
18Testamente d'Amelia (Radio Mix)00:03:34
19Lisa said...00:04:49
20Is it love?00:03:02
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CD 2
1Déjà vu (Radio Mix)00:03:42
2It's all over00:03:56
3Better than the rest00:03:59
4Romeo & Juliet (Single Version)00:03:49
5I will survive (Radio Edit)00:03:39
6Heartache no. 900:03:27
7History (Album Version)00:03:37
9Dirty money00:02:55
10Talk to me00:03:20
116 Years (6 Nights)00:03:47
12That's love00:03:32
13This old town00:03:19
14Dr. Mabuse (Radio Version II)00:03:51
15Crying game00:03:15
16Laila (Airplay Mix)00:03:28
17Une chambre pour la nuit00:03:22
18Only with you (Radio Version)00:03:27
19Body to body (Radio Version)00:03:34
20For the children (Unicef Single)00:03:57
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CD 3
1Sorry little Sarah (Maxi Version)00:05:16
2My bed is too big (No Longer Too Big Bed Mix)00:05:27
3Under my skin (Long Version)00:05:15
4Silent water (Long Version)00:04:51
5Love suite (12" Version)00:05:30
6Magic symphony (Long Version)00:05:33
7Love me on the rocks (12" Version)00:05:17
848 Hours (Maxi Version)00:04:34
9Déjà vu (Maxi Mix)00:06:20
10Romeo & Juliet (Maxi Version)00:05:04
11Magic Symphony (Fun Mix)00:07:03
12Magic Symphony (Power Mix)00:07:22
13Magic Symphony (Power Mix Edit)00:03:59
14Laila (Masterboy Beat Production Blue Dance Mix)00:06:02