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  • Erscheinungstermin: 18. März 2021
  • Englisch
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Nancy is an exceptional author, cook, learner, and teacher. For many years, she took out time to learn all there was to know about Air Fryer Machines. Having bought and used almost all the brands of Air Fryer Machines such as Breville, Kalorik Maxx, Power xl, and more, she knows every nitty-gritty detail about them and has set out to share her experiential knowledge through these cookbooks. She is passionate about creating new delicacies and recipes and has included several of them in these cookbooks for your benefit, excitement, and overall thrill. Nancy is not just a creative author and cook but an avid problem solver; in the course of her many years of using Air Fryer Machines, she honed the art of finding and fixing their common faults and problems related to the machines. In this book series, she has chosen to share those secrets for each machine with you. Dedicated to helping others achieve ease with cooking; she, through these books, delivers three facets of value which include great recipes, maintenance, and repair of different types of Air Dryer Machines. These books do not only teach you how to fix problems such as oil sprays and grease dripping but also how to prevent them. Over the years she has refined cleaning techniques that only experience can bring. The guile with which she does it has made her a point of reference for buying Air Fryer Machines and making amazing meals.