Studies in Humanism - Schiller, F. C. S.

Studies in Humanism

F. C. S. Schiller 

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Studies in Humanism

STUDIES IN HUMANISM COPYRIGHT First Edition 1907 Second Edition 1912 TO MY PUPILS PAST PRESENT AND TO COME x STUDIES IN HUMANISM appear so it seemed better to reprint these Studies with a minimum of alteration. I must despair of cataloguing in this Preface the whole output of the Pragmatic Controversy. Much has been written since 1907 on both sides, but, mercifully, little that requires me to modify the views I had expressed. We have suffered, of course, an irreparable loss in the departure hence of the great initiator of the movement, William James, with his message but half told The splendid series of his popular works, Pragmatism 1907, A Pluralistic Universe 1909, The Meaning of Truth 1909, Some Problems of Philosophy 1911, will live, but will always be somewhat too simple to be intelligible to the professorial mind, which finds them hard to categorize. Lovers of thinking at first-hand, however, will enjoy them, and should not omit to read also H. V. Knoxs article in the Quarterly Review April 1909, Alfred Sidgwicks Application of Logic 1910, Deweys Influence of Darwin on Philosophy 1910, and D. L Murrays little primer of Pragmatism 1912 OXFORD, Apnl 1912 PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION OF the essays which compose this volume about half have appeared in various periodicals Mind, the Hibbert Journal the Quarterly Remew the Fortnightly Review, and the Journal of Philosophy during the past three years Additions have, however, grown so extensive that of the matter of the book not more than one-third, and that the less constructive part, can be said to have been in print before. That the form should still be dis continuous is due to the fact that the conditions under which I have had to workgreatly hamper and delay the composition of a continuous treatise, and that it seemed imperative to deal more expeditiously with the chief strategic points of the philosophic situation. I hope, however, that the discontinuity of the form will not be found incompatible with an essential continuity of aim, argument, and interest In all these respects the present Studies may most naturally be regarded as continuous with Humanism and Axioms as Postulates, without, how ever, ceasing to be independently intelligible They have had to reflect the developments of philosophy and the progress of discussion, and this has rendered them, I fear, slightly more technical on the whole than Humanism. Nor can their main topic, the meaning of Truth, be made an altogether popular subject. On the other hand, they touch more fully than Humanism on subjects which are less exclusively technical, such as the nature of our freedom and the religious aspects of philosophy. That in the contents construction should be some what largely mixed with controversy is in some respects PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION THAT a new edition of these Studies as also si Humanism is called for is one out of many indications 1 that the Pragmatic Movement is gathering momentum and that Humanism has come to stay. Even the most obstinate conservatives are beginning to abandon their attitude of speechless indignation, and to admit that it constitutes an intelligible novelty, though they are not yet reconciled to it. But as it takes more than a day or a generation to undo the cumulative blunders of 2000 years of Intellectualism, it will probably remain a novelty for another century or two, until its applications have been fully worked out.Its rate of progress will depend on how soon the chief philosophic disciplines can be re-written in a Humanist spirit As a foretaste of this necessary process the logical tradition has been systematic ally criticized in my Formal Logic 1912, and shown to be fundamentally inconsistent nonsense, as resting on an abstraction from meaning and oscillating between verbalism and psychology both of which it vainly tries to disavow...


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