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Blue Box - Shocking Blue
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CD 1
1Love is in the air00:02:39
2Ooh wee there's music in me00:02:34
3What you gonna do00:02:18
4Whisky don't wash my brains00:01:00
5Little Maggie00:02:49
6Jail my second home00:02:25
7What's wrong Bertha00:02:27
8League of angels00:02:08
9Rockin' pneumonia and the boogiewoogie flu00:02:01
10That's allright00:02:24
11Crazy drunken man dreams00:02:53
13Hold me, hug me, rock me00:02:03
14Where my baby's gone00:05:02
CD 2
1Boll weevil00:02:40
2I'll write your name through the fire00:02:56
3Acka raga00:03:06
4Love machine00:03:19
5I'm a woman00:03:00
6California here I come00:03:16
7Poor boy00:02:28
8Love buzz00:03:44
9The butterfly and I00:04:02
CD 3
1Scorpio's dance (First Movement)00:00:40
2Alaska country00:03:53
3Sally was a good old girl00:03:28
4Deamon lover00:06:03
5Scorpio's dance00:03:43
6Little cooling planet00:04:00
7I love voodoo music00:04:01
8Seven is a number in magic00:02:58
9Keep it if you want it00:02:53
10Water boy00:02:31