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CD 1
2Somebody touched me00:02:40
4Treat her right00:03:34
5Endless sleep00:03:32
7Hot dog00:02:36
8Hey Mae00:02:35
9Marie Marie00:02:47
10Shooting gallery00:03:14
11This Ole house00:03:07
12You drive me crazy00:02:51
13Green door00:03:13
14It's raining00:03:19
15Oh Julie00:02:35
17Give me your heart tonight00:03:08
18I'll be satisfied00:03:12
CD 2
1It's late00:02:04
2I cry just a little bit00:03:14
3Your Ma said you cried in your sleep last night (B-side of Cry just a little bit 12")00:03:26
4A rockin' good way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love)00:02:58
5A love worth waiting for00:03:23
6A letter to you00:03:14
8Breaking up my heart00:03:59
9Lipstick, powder & paint00:02:46
10Turning away00:03:24
11Because I love you00:03:20
12A little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind)00:03:33
13Come see about me00:03:25
14What do you want to make those eyes at me for00:02:52
15Feel the need in me00:03:03
16How many tears can you hide00:03:40
17True love00:02:43
CD 3
1Jezebel (Re-Mix)00:02:58
2Love attack00:03:12
3I might00:03:05
4Yes I do00:03:06
5Pink champagne00:03:22
6My cutie cutie00:02:35
8I can help00:02:45
10Now listen00:03:25
11Last man alive00:03:14
12Down into muddy water00:03:29
13Down in the hole00:03:07
14Wild at heart (Neros Single Version)00:03:12
15Blue Christmas00:02:43
16Merry Christmas everyone00:03:40
17The best Christmas of them all00:03:25
18I'll be home this Christmas00:02:48
19Echoes of Merry Christmas everyone00:03:00