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CD 1
2One (Your Name) - Radio Edit00:02:43
3In My Mind00:02:59
5Sandstorm - Radio Edit00:03:45
6Kernkraft 40000:03:29
7Satisfaction - Isak Radio Edit00:03:10
8Explode - Marc Van Linden [V-Cut]00:03:24
9Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) - Radio Cut00:03:17
10Everytime We Touch - Radio Edit00:03:17
11The Logical Song00:03:53
12Welcome to St. Tropez - DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark Radio Edit00:03:15
13Infinity 2008 - Klaas Vocal Edit00:03:12
14Let Me Think About It - Radio Edit00:02:34
15Das geht ab (Wir feiern die ganze Nacht) - Atzen Musik Mix00:03:29
16Unter meiner Haut - Radio Mix00:03:29
18Moonlight Shadow00:02:54
19Mr. Vain Recall - Radio Edit00:03:33
20Bella ciao - Hugel Remix00:02:45
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CD 2
1Blue (Da Ba Dee) - DJ Ponte Radio Edit00:04:43
2Around the World (La La La La La) - Radio Version00:03:35
3Freed from Desire00:03:34
4Insomnia - Radio Edit00:03:35
5Show Me Love - Radio Mix00:03:13
6Call on Me - Radio Mix00:02:51
7King of My Castle - Roy Malone's King Radio Edit00:03:27
89 PM (Till I Come) - Radio Edit00:03:14
9For You - Radio Edit00:03:38
10The Weekend - Radio Edit00:03:12
11The Riddle - Single Cut00:03:20
12World Hold On00:04:39
13Can't Get You Out of My Head00:03:50
14We No Speak Americano - Radio Edit00:02:28
15Barbra Streisand - Radio Edit00:03:14
16Crying at the Discoteque - Radio Edit00:03:50
17Heaven - S'n'Y Mix Radio Edit00:03:55
18Turn the Tide - Radio Edit00:04:03
19Right in the Night00:03:46
20Toca Me - Radio Cut00:03:33
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CD 3
1Sun Goes Down - Radio Mix00:02:57
2Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)00:04:01
3Prayer in C - (Robin Schulz Remix) [Radio Edit]00:03:09
4Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) - Radio Edit00:03:00
5Reality - Radio Edit00:02:38
6Stole the Show00:03:43
7Piece of Your Heart00:02:33
8The Business00:02:44
9Ride It00:02:37
10Friday - Dopamine Re-Edit00:02:49
13Something Just Like This00:04:07
14In the Name of Love00:03:18
15One Kiss00:03:34
17All Stars00:02:50
18Never Let Me Down00:02:33
20Seek Bromance - Avicii Vocal Edit00:03:22
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