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  • Anzahl: 5 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 15. August 2011
  • Hersteller: A & M / Universal Music,
  • Gesamtlaufzeit: 78 Min.
  • EAN: 0600753343678
  • Artikelnr.: 34510042
CD 1
1Spanish Train00:05:03
2Lonely Sky00:03:55
3This Song For You00:04:16
4Patricia The Stripper00:03:30
5A Spaceman Came Travelling00:05:12
6I'm Going Home00:03:34
7The Painter00:04:20
8Old Friend00:03:42
9The Tower00:05:23
10Just Another Poor Boy00:04:49
CD 2
1Hold On00:04:06
2The Key00:04:09
3Windy Night00:04:55
4Sin City00:04:37
5New Moon00:04:58
6Watching The World00:03:35
7Lonesome Cowboy00:04:22
8Satin Green Shutters00:05:06
9Turning Round00:06:23
CD 3
1Broken Wings00:03:08
2Round And Around00:03:07
3I Will00:03:33
4Summer Rain00:04:01
7In A Country Churchyard00:03:57
8A Rainy Night In Paris00:03:21
9If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go00:04:01
10Perfect Day00:04:01