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...But Seriously (Deluxe Edition) - Collins,Phil
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CD 1
1Hang In Long Enough00:04:45
2That's Just The Way It Is00:05:20
3Do You Remember?00:04:36
4Something Happened On The Way To Heaven00:04:51
6I Wish It Would Rain Down00:05:27
7Another Day In Paradise00:05:22
8Heat On The Street00:03:51
9All Of My Life00:05:35
10Saturday Night And Sunday Morning00:01:25
11Father To Son00:03:27
12Find A Way To My Heart00:06:14
CD 2
1Hang in long enough (Live)00:04:52
2Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (Live)00:05:26
3Colours (Live)00:11:20
4Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (Live)00:01:54
5Always (Live)00:04:30
6Find A Way To My Heart (Live)00:05:40
7Thats how I feel (B-Side)00:05:05
8You've been in love (that little bit too long) (B-Side)00:04:49
9Another Day In Paradise (Demo)00:05:21
10That's Just The Way It Is (Demo)00:04:54
11I Wish It Would Rain Down (Demo)00:05:30
12Hang In Long Enough (Demo)00:04:34
13Do You Remember? (Demo)00:04:45