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I have never written a thing in my life; in fact, I hated English at school. This story began when I could not sleep. I was having movie-like visions that kept me awake at night. Night after night of not being able to sleep, I decided to write these visions down. Over many years I would get these dreamlike visions in bits and pieces. They were jumbled and in no particular order. As soon as I had written them down, the visions disappeared. Slowly, bit by bit, the story came together, and I found that I could link the visions together. I enjoyed sitting in front of the keyboard and finding that the words, from where I don't know, but the words just came to me. At times I didn't touch my story for years, then I would get a burst of ideas and the story slowly expanded. Three years ago I suffered some health issues and decided to finish my story, take the plunge and see if anyone else enjoyed my story. I live in Australia. Raising four children, three daughters and a son, as a single parent I now have a grandchild to spoil. My eldest daughter is very musical and loves to travel the world, while my youngest has a magical touch with a camera. While my middle daughter has had her challenges, she excels in her sport and coaching. My son is forging a career in his chosen field and establishing a name for himself as a coach. Being a former athlete, we are a sporting family. We are heavily involved in our sport as players, coaches, and umpires. Coaching juniors and the intellectually disabled at a state level. My children have encouraged me to complete and publish my writing. Working full-time then attending our sporting commitments, I like nothing better than ending my day sitting in front of the computer, writing.