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The definitive book on the most influential English country house architect and designer.

The definitive book on the most influential English country house architect and designer.
Jeremy Musson; Foreword by Sir Simon Jenkins; Photographs by Paul Barker
"Although Robert Adam was an architect in the 1700s, many of his homes are still around and drawing attention centuries later. "Adam had from the beginning of his London practice made bold and sumptuous interior effect the combination of novel architectural experience and refined decoration the keystone of his invention. The bare ingredients of this he took from his study in Rome, and in the process contributed something new to the growing field of neoclassical design," writes author Jeremy Musson in the new book Robert Adam: Country House Design, Decoration, and the Art of Elegance (Rizzoli, $65). Many of his creations can be found in the English countryside, where his knowledge of color, craftsmanship, and antiquities are on full display."

"In remarkable detail, the book examines magnificent country houses, including Syon House and Harewood House, that were styled and inspired by the ideal of the Neoclassical; as well as Adam s castle-style Mellerstain, and town houses such as Home House. In addition, Musson provides a rich account of Adam s life and work, describing his unique design process, his patrons, and the legacy of his design achievement."

"Another book which makes its debut this spring is on an architect who needs no introduction. Robert Adam, Country House Design, Decoration & The Art of Elegance by historian Jeremy Musson from Rizzoli is really the definitive book on the Scottish architect who transformed the face of Neoclassicism."
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