Atomic Lobster - Dorsey, Tim

Atomic Lobster

Tim Dorsey 

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Atomic Lobster

Hunter S. Thomson meets Carl Hiaasen meets the Marx Brothers meets...well, whats the point in making comparisons? Theres nothing quite like Tim Dorsey. ATOMIC LOBSTER takes the series to new heights (lows?) as Dorseys legendary "hero" Serge A. Storms and sidekick Coleman take a cruise like no other. Aboard the SS Serendipity oversexed retirees prowl the decks; drug cartels ferry cocaine in souvenirs; grandmothers are unsuspecting drug mules; and when not bellied up to the bar, Serge and Coleman leave bodies bobbing in their wake in oh-so creative ways. Also, Serge becomes a mentor to a "Non-Confrontational Anonymous" group, a fugitive murderer named Tex is on the loose, the Feds are on Colemans tail, ... in other words Tim Dorsey is in top form.


  • Verlag: Harpercollins Us
  • 2011
  • Ausstattung/Bilder: 2008. 400 p. 171 mm
  • Seitenzahl: 382
  • Englisch
  • Abmessung: 165mm x 104mm x 33mm
  • Gewicht: 185g
  • ISBN-13: 9780060829704
  • ISBN-10: 0060829702
  • Best.Nr.: 25397114