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LP 1
1Waymore's Blues00:02:26
2We Remember The King00:03:05
3The Big Light00:02:43
4The Night Hank Williams Came To Town00:03:25
5Let Him Roll00:04:29
6W. Lee O'Daniel (And The Light Crust Dough Boys)00:02:47
7Ballad Of A Teenage Queen00:02:48
8The Last Of The Drifters00:03:20
9That Old Wheel00:02:53
10Get Rhythm (1988 Version)00:02:33
11Tennessee Flat Top Box (1988 Version)00:03:09
12Sunday Morning Coming Down (1988 Version)00:03:56
LP 2
1Veteran's Day00:03:02
2A Backstage Pass00:03:27
3Cat's In The Cradle00:03:19
4Farmer's Almanac00:03:49
5Monteagle Mountain00:03:12
6I Shall Be Free00:03:37
7I'm An Easy Rider00:02:37
8The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All00:03:34
9Hey Porter00:02:21
10The Mystery Of Life00:03:11
11Goin' By The Book00:03:20
12The Wanderer (From "Faraway, So Close!" Soundtrack)00:05:17