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Foreword; Alain Wijffels.- Preface.- Acknowledgments.- Chapter 1: General Introduction.- Part I: History and Law.- Chapter 2: Introductory Theoretical Remarks on the Alleged Problematic Nature of the Interaction of History and Law.- Chapter 3: Clio's Modern Paradox Unraveled.- Part II: Historians as Expert Witnesses.- Chapter 4: Introduction Part II.- Chapter 5: Modern Interactions of Law and History.- Chapter 6: The Globalization of the Historian as an Expert Witness.- Chapter 7: Litigation-Driven History.- Chapter 8: A Reassessment of Wijffels' Concept of Forensic History.- Part III: Tobacco Wars.- Chapter 9: Introduction Part III.- Chapter 10: A History of Tobacco.- Chapter 11: Tobacco and Health: Towards a Contemporary Perspective.- Chapter 12: The Tobacco Industry and its Tactics.- Chapter 13: Tobacco Litigation.- Chapter 14: United States v. Philip Morris et al..- Chapter 15: Debates: Reflections in Academic and National Media.- Chapter 16: Historians in Tobacco Litigation, a Conclusion.- Chapter 17: Final Conclusion on the Involvement of Historians in Tobacco Litigation.- Chapter 18: Final Conclusion.- Appendix I: Expert Witness Profiles.- Appendix II: Historians Who Have Testified as an Expert Witness in Tobacco Litigation.- Appendix III: Timetable Involvement Historians as Expert Witness in Tobacco Cases.- Appendix IV: A Code of Ethics for Historians, by Antoon De Baets.