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CD 1
1TAKE MY BREATH, (Intro)00:05:13
2ETERNIA, (Xavian Remix)00:04:00
3PERCEPTION, (Johan Gielen Extended Remix)00:05:38
4PANAMA, (Extended Mix)00:05:06
5ELECTRIC DREAMS, (Extended Mix)00:05:11
6AMANECER, (Extended Mix)00:03:42
7NO SOY YO, (Extended Mix)00:05:19
8SAY MY NAME, (Uplifting Mix)00:05:09
9GHOSTS, (Extended Mix)00:03:51
10METEORITE, (Extended Mix)00:04:13
11ABOUT THE FUTURE, (Extended Mix)00:04:27
12INTO THE FLAMES, (Extended Mix)00:04:56
13ONE STEP BACK, (Club Mix)00:04:48
14BLINK, (Extended Mix)00:04:13
15SORRENTO, (Extended Mix)00:04:38
16LOVE IS WIDE AWAKE, (Extended Mix)00:04:37
17THE OASIS, (Radio Edit)00:03:29
CD 2
1HOPE, (Chill Out Mix)00:01:55
2HOPE, (Oliver Lieb Remix)00:03:31
3MIRACLE, (Phase 2)00:04:28
4REQUIEM, (Petibonum Remix)00:03:17
5IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?, (DJ Taucher Remix)00:05:18
6LONELY CASSEOPAYA, (Remastered)00:05:31
7AYLA PART II, (Extended Mix)00:03:44
8TITAN, (Original Mix)00:04:42
9PANDORA, (Original Mix)00:06:52
10LAVA, (Extended Mix)00:03:29
11PROTECT YOUR MIND, (Lange Remix)00:05:45
12YESTERDAY (SILENCE), (Taucher Remix)00:06:15
13SHADOWS, (Club Remix)00:05:08
14HEARTS, (Original)00:07:03
15PICTURES OF A GALLERY, (Phase 1)00:06:12