Rawhead Rex - Ost-Original Soundtrack
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1Rawhead rex main theme00:02:27
2Welcome to Ireland00:02:46
3Rawhead appears00:02:05
4Nicholson's farm00:02:54
5''Just you wait''00:07:00
6Boy runs for his life through the wood00:07:59
7Minty- ''gotta pee''00:04:05
8The vicarage00:01:25
9The family is leaving00:02:31
10Gussing opens book00:04:54
11Howard discovers a strange glass window in the church00:06:24
12Declan goes wild in the church00:02:49
13Howard discovers the power of the stone00:05:36
14Rawhead Rex end credits00:02:25
15There is a green hill far away00:01:05