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CD 1
1Old friends00:05:06
2Misty mountains00:02:31
3Over hill00:03:18
4A thunder battle00:03:36
5Dreaming of bag end00:01:44
6Song of the Lonely Mountain00:03:44
7The quest for Erebor00:03:17
8Feast of starlight00:02:45
9Protector of the common folk00:03:29
11I see fire00:03:38
12Sons of Durin00:04:25
13Courage and wisdom00:05:09
14There and back again00:04:18
16The last goodbye00:04:29
CD 2
1The prophecy00:05:01
2Concerning hobbits00:02:44
3The shadow of the past / A knife in the dark00:07:26
4The bridge of Khazad Dum00:05:57
5The fellowship00:05:52
6May it be00:05:19
7The riders of Rohan00:03:52
9Forth Eorlingas / Isengard unleashed00:08:30
10Gollum's song00:05:47
11Hope and memory / Minas Tirith00:02:38
12The white tree00:03:47
13Twilight and shadow00:03:53
14The fields of Pelennor00:03:11
15Into the west00:04:39