Hans Zimmer:The Definitive Collection - Ost-Original Soundtrack
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CD 1
1You're that spider guy ("The Amazing Spider-man 2")00:05:31
2Look closely ("Winter's Tale")00:06:11
3Home ("The Lone Ranger")00:06:54
4What are you going to do when you are not saving the world? ("Man of Steel")00:05:21
5Lost but won ("Rush")00:06:14
6Solomon ("12 Years a Slave")00:03:20
7Mind if I cut in? ("The Dark Knight Rises")00:03:25
8Fear will find you ("The Dark Knight Rises")00:03:10
9Why do we fall? ("The Dark Knight Rises")00:02:06
10Imagine the fire ("The Dark Knight Rises")00:07:35
11Rise ("The Dark Knight Rises")00:07:21
12New York City surprise ("Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted ")00:03:06
CD 2
1Mermaids ("Pirates of the Carribean: On Strangers Tides")00:08:06
2Mutiny ("Pirates of the Carribean: On Strangers Tides")00:02:49
3Angelica ("Pirates of the Carribean: On Strangers Tides")00:04:15
4Rango suite ("Rango")00:06:01
5Dream is collapsing ("Inception")00:02:24
6Mombasa ("Inception")00:04:54
7Dream with a dream ("Inception")00:05:05
8Time ("Inception")00:04:36
9Honor ("The Pacific")00:02:59
10Discombobulate ("Sherlock Holmes")00:02:23
11160 BPM ("Angels & Demons")00:06:44
12Hero ("Kung Fu Panda")00:04:47
13Opening titles ("Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2")00:03:26
CD 3
1Why so serious? ("The Dark Knight")00:09:16
2Aggressive expansion ("The Dark Knight")00:04:32
3Like a dog chasing cars ("The Dark Knight")00:04:55
4Introduce a little anarchy ("The Dark Knight")00:03:40
5A watchful guardian ("The Dark Knight")00:06:48
6I see dead people in boats ("The Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Worlds End")00:05:36
7Up is down ("The Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Worlds End")00:02:39
8What shall we die for ("The Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Worlds End")00:02:05
9I don't think now is the best time ("The Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Worlds End")00:10:50
10Drink up, me hearties ("The Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Worlds End")00:04:37
11Chevaliers De Sangreal ("The Da Vinci Code")00:04:09
12Watergate ("Frost / Nixon")00:04:26