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CD 1
1Main Titles (From Blade Runner)00:03:42
2Blush Response00:05:47
3Wait For Me00:05:28
4Rachel's Song00:04:47
5Love Theme From Bladerunner00:04:59
6One More Kiss, Dear00:03:58
7Blade Runner Blues00:08:54
8Memories Of Green00:05:45
9Tales Of The Future00:04:47
10Damask Rose00:02:33
11Blade Runner (End Titles)00:04:42
12Tears In Rain00:03:01
CD 2
2Unveiled Twinkling Space00:01:59
3Dr. Tyrell's Owl00:02:40
4At Mr. Chew's00:04:47
5Leo's Room00:02:21
6One Alone00:02:23
7Deckard And Roy's Duel00:06:16
8Dr. Tyrell's Death00:03:11
9Desolation Path00:05:45
10Empty Streets00:06:16
11Mechanical Dolls00:02:52
12Fading Away00:03:32
CD 3
1Launch Approval00:01:53
2Up And Running00:03:09
3Mail From India00:03:27
4BR Downtown00:02:27
5Dimitri's Bar00:03:52
6Sweet Solitude00:06:56
7No Expectation Boulevard00:06:44
9Perfume Exotico00:05:19
10Spotkanie Z Matka00:05:09
11Piano In An Empty Room00:03:37
12Keep Asking00:01:29