A Suitable Boy - Ost-Original Soundtrack Tv
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CD 1
2Lata's theme00:02:30
3Your sister, my brother00:01:25
4You too will marry a boy I choose00:01:34
5Lutf woh ishq mein00:04:02
6Mehfil barkhaast hui00:03:00
7Smitten kitten (Meenakshi's Theme)00:01:44
9Quegdevelim sunset00:02:06
10No time, lover, or friend00:02:51
11Raag khamaaj00:03:30
12There is no harm in dawn00:01:18
13The floating temple00:01:38
14Pillow talk00:00:42
15Let's go away / I never want to see you again00:02:04
16Na-rawa kahiye00:06:48
17What happened & maan delirium00:01:55
18Muddat hui hai00:03:15
19Kabir's letter00:01:09
20Unsuitable tango00:00:57
CD 2
1The railway theme00:02:41
2One loves you00:01:51
3Your parakeet is well?00:01:41
4Are you making fun of me?00:00:53
5Farewell to Rasheed00:01:21
6Are you a lipstick girl?00:02:46
7Are we french now?00:01:44
9Make lata love me00:01:34
10I can make any shoe00:01:19
11Think beyond your friends00:01:53
12Fluke of a catch00:01:50
13Christmas in Prahapore00:00:48
14Free India's first election00:01:07
15Raag Jhinjhoti00:03:14
16Raag Lalit00:01:37
17Maan in turmoil00:01:39
19The fever bird00:01:39
20Maan in prison00:02:10
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