Champion Jack Dupree.. - Dupree,Champion Jack
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 7. Juli 2018
  • Hersteller: Membran; Acrobat,
  • EAN: 0824046325824
  • Artikelnr.: 52927722
CD 1
1Warehouse man blues00:02:48
2Chain gang blues00:02:31
3Black woman swing00:02:46
4Cabbage greens no. 100:02:58
5Gamblin' man blues00:02:47
6Angola blues00:02:53
7That's all right00:02:33
8Dupree shake dance00:02:57
9Junker blues00:02:41
10Bad health blues00:02:43
11Big time mama00:02:37
12Heavy heart blues00:02:33
13All alone blues00:02:44
14She makes good jelly00:02:47
15Rum cola blues00:02:48
16Johnson Street boogie woogie00:02:48
17F.D.R. blues00:02:38
18Fisherman's blues00:03:10
19Black wolf00:02:41
20Outside man00:02:45
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CD 2
1Mean old Frisco00:02:52
2Bad whiskey and wild woman00:02:30
3Bus station blues00:02:26
4Love strike blues00:02:48
5I'm a doctor for women00:02:39
6Cecelia Cecelia00:02:32
7Fifth Avenue blues00:02:14
8Come back baby00:02:39
9Chittlins and rice00:02:55
10One sweet letter00:02:15
11Mean mistreatin' mama00:03:04
12Featherweight Mama00:02:16
13Day break00:02:59
14Lonesome bedroom blues00:03:02
15Old woman blues00:02:58
16Deacon's party00:02:42
17I'm gonna find you someday00:03:02
18My baby's comin' back home00:03:00
19Just plain tired00:03:11
20The woman I love00:03:03
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