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  • Verlag: Springer Berlin
  • Erscheinungstermin: 5. August 2010
  • Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9783642031267
  • Artikelnr.: 37370625

Mechanical Vibratory Systems with Hierarchical Structure. Simulation and Calculation Methods.- Systems with Lumped Parameters.- Vibrations of Regular Systems with Periodic Structure.- Vibrations of Systems with Geometric Symmetry. Quasi-symmetrical Systems.- Systems with Distributed Parameters.- Basic Equations and Numerical Methods.- Systems with Periodic Structure.- Systems with Cyclic Symmetry.- Systems with Reflection Symmetry Elements.- Self-Similar Structures.- Vibrations of Rotor Systems with Periodic Structure.- Vibrations of Regular Ribbed Cylindrical Shells.
From the reviews:
"This book is in two parts. ... The work is based on original research by the authors. ... The book contains many numerical examples of real-life engineering structures, in particular aviation engines. ... This book is an important addition to the library, being more than just a résumé of known mathematical techniques with the addition of an explanation of the authors' original work." (Rupert Thornely-Taylor, International Journal of Acoustic and Vibration, Vol. 18 (2), June, 2013)