Island Universes - de Jong, R. S.
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This book contains an up-to-date review of the structure and evolution of disk galaxies from both the observational and theoretical point of view. It is the proceedings of the "Island Universes" conference held at the island of Terschelling in July 2005. It brings together a broad range of aspects of disk galaxies: structure and dynamics, the latest multi-wavelength surveys, low- and high redshift observations, theory and observations. …mehr

This book contains an up-to-date review of the structure and evolution of disk galaxies from both the observational and theoretical point of view. It is the proceedings of the "Island Universes" conference held at the island of Terschelling in July 2005. It brings together a broad range of aspects of disk galaxies: structure and dynamics, the latest multi-wavelength surveys, low- and high redshift observations, theory and observations.
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  • Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
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  • 2007
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R. de Jong, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, USA
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. List of Participants.

Part I: Properties of Stellar Disks. Stellar Disks; K.C. Freeman. Disentangling Star Formation, Environment, and Morphology in Galaxy Evolution; D. Christlein and A. Zabludoff. Measuring Structural Properties of Galaxies in the Local Universe; P.D. Allen at al. Extragalactic Thick Disks; J.J. Dalcanton. The Opacity of Spiral Galaxy Disks; B.W. Holwerda at al. Stellar Populations in Bulges of Spiral Galaxies; Bh.K. Moorthy at al. The Thin and Thick Disks of the Galaxy: Differences in Evolution; T.V. Nykytyuk and T.V. Mishenina. The MilkyWay and the Tully-Fisher Relation; L. Portinari at al. The Contribution of LSB Galaxies to the Local Galaxy Number Density; C. Trachternach at al.

Part II: Kinematics and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies. Dynamics of Disks; J. Binney. The Vc-sc Relation for Low Surface Brightness Galaxies; E.M. Corsini at al. Counterrotating core in the LMC: Accretion and/orMerger?; A. Subramaniam and T.P. Prabhu. Halo Mass Profiles of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies; W.J.G. de Blok. The Disk Mass Project; M.A.W. Verheijen at al. A Dark Galaxy in the Virgo Cluster Imaged at 21-cm; R. F. Minchin at al. Comparing Dynamical and Stellar Population Mass-to-Light Ratio Estimates; R.S. de Jong and E.F. Bell. Feeding the Nuclear Starburst in NGC6946; T. Böker at al. Integral Field Spectroscopy of NGC2855 and NGC7049; L. Coccato at al. Two-dimensional Kinematics of a Bar and Central Disk in NGC5448; K. Fathi at al. Galactic Rotation Using Open Star Clusters; P.M. Frinchaboy and S.R. Majewski. Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy of Late-Type Spirals; K. Ganda and R. Peletier. Vertical Distribution of Stars and Gas in a Galactic Disk; Ch. J. Jog. Two Dimensional Velocity Fields of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies; R.K. de Naray at al. Pattern Speeds of Spiral Galaxies using the Tremaine-WeinbergMethod; S. E. Meidt and R. J. Rand. A New Scenario for the Origin of Galactic Warps; Y. Revaz and D. Pfenniger. The 3-Dimensional Dynamics of the Galactic Bulge; M. Soto at al. Asymmetric Drift and the Stellar Velocity Ellipsoid; K.B. Westfall at al.

Part III: Bars, Spiral Structure, and Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies. Bars, Spiral Structure, and Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies, B.G. Elmegreen. Barred Galaxies and Galaxy Evolution; J.H. Knapen. Three-Dimensional Bar Structure. M. Bureau at al. AnomalouslyWeak Dynamical Friction in Halos; J. A. Sellwood and Victor P. Debattista. Halo Properties and Secular Evolution in Barred Galaxies; E. Athanassoula. A SAURON Study of Stars and Gas in Sa Bulges; J. Falcon-Barroso at al. A Cool Gas Ring in M100; E.L. Allard at al. Boxy Edge-On Profiles; P.A. Patsis and E.M. Xilouris. Resonances and Extent of Spiral Arms in Disk Galaxies; P. Grosbøl and P. Héraudeau. Dynamics of Localized Packets of Spiral Density Waves in Gaseous Disks. G.R. Mamatsashvili and G.D. Chagelishvili.

Part IV: The Outskirts and Environment of Disk Galaxies. Dynamical Evolution of Accreted Dwarf Galaxies; J.S. Bullock and K.V. Johnston. Resolving the Stellar Outskirts of M31 and M33; A. Ferguson at al. Chemical Abundance Constraints on Galaxy Formation; K.A. Venn. The Outer Disks of Galaxies: "To be or not to be truncated?"; M. Pohlen and I. Trujillo. Radial Profiles of Stellar Disks in Galaxies at z 1; I. Pérez. The Outer Banks of Galaxy Disks; D. Zaritsky and D. Christlein. The Gaseous Haloes of Disc Galaxies; F. Fraternali at al. Gaseous Halos and the Interstellar Disk-Halo Connection; R.-J. Dettmar. Geometrodynamical Distances to Cloud Streams; D. Lynden-Bell and Sh. Jin. Morphology of Galactic Globular Clusters; C. W. Chen and W. P. Chen. Observations of Stripped Edge-on Virgo Cluster Galaxies; H. H. Crowl at al. SparsePak Observations of Diffuse Ionized Gas Halo Kinematics in NGC891; G.H. Heald at al. Stellar Populations in the Outer Regions of M31; R. Johnson at al. A Study of Extra-Planar Hi Gas; P. Kamphuis at al. Unexpected Young Star Clusters in the Tidal Debris of NGC2782; K. Knierman. Infall of Substructures onto a Milky Way-like Dark Halo; Y.-Sh. Li and A. Helmi. The Far-Infrared Properties of the Most Isolated Galaxies; U. Lisenfeld at al. Studying Galaxy Formation in Loose Galaxy Groups; D.J. Pisano at al. The Environment of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies from SDSS; S.D. Rosenbaum and D. J. Bomans.

Part V: Interstellar Matter. Star Formation, Interstellar Physics & the SED of Gas-Rich Galaxies; M.A. Dopita. SINGS Observations of Spiral Galaxies; M. Regan at al. The Molecular ISM of Low Surface Brightness Spiral Galaxies; L. D. Matthews. The Kinematics and Physical Conditions of Warm Ionized Gas in Spiral Disks; M.A. Bershady and D.R. Andersen. Global Line Profile Asymmetries in Disk Galaxies; D.R. Andersen and M.A. Bershady. Extragalactic Molecular Clouds; Y. Beletsky and J. Alves. The Formation of Molecular Clouds in Spiral Galaxies; C. Dobbs and I. Bonnell. Cloud Mass Function in a Disk Galaxy; A. Habe and T. Saitoh. Tracing Molecular Hydrogen with Atomic Hydrogen in M81 and Other Nearby Galaxies. J. S. Heiner at al. Central Structure of Molecular Gas in Maffei 2; N. Kuno at al. The Dusty Disk of the Early-Type Galaxy NGC3656; L.L. Leeuw at al. Supermassive Black Hole Binary and Nuclear Star Burst; H. Matsui at al. Radio Continuum, CO, and Thermal Infrared Emission in Nearby Star-Forming Galaxies; T. Wong at al.

Part VI: (Evolution of) Star Formation in Galactic Disks. The Multiwavelength View of Star-Forming Disks. R.C. Kennicutt, Jr. Van der Kruit to Spitzer: A New Look at the Far-Infrared-Radio Correlation; E.J. Murphy at al. The Origin of the Initial Mass Function is in the Cloud Structure; J. Alves at al. Modes of Star Formation along the Hubble Sequence and Beyond; R. de Grijs. Spiral Shock Triggering of Star Formation; I.A. Bonnell. The Metallicity History of Disk Galaxies; L. Kewley and H. A. Kobulnicky. The 11Mpc Ha and Ultraviolet Galaxy Survey. J.G. Funes at al. Continuous Star Cluster Formation in the Spiral NGC45; M. Mora at al. HST / STIS Results on Nuclear Star Clusters in Spiral Galaxies; J. Rossa at al. Island Universes Colliding; L. Snijders and P.P. van der Werf. Environmental Dependence of Star Formation in Cluster and Field Galaxies; C. Thomas at al.

Part VII: Disk Galaxies through Cosmic Time. Disks at High Redshifts; R.G. Abraham. Eight Billion Years of Disk Galaxy Evolution; E.F. Bell at al. Size Evolution of Galaxies Since z_3: Combining SDSS, GEMS and FIRES; I. Trujillo at al. Specific Star Formation Rates; A. E. Bauer at al. Disk Galaxies at High Redshift?; M. Pettini. Local Galaxies as Damped Ly-aAnalogs; M. A. Zwaan at al. The Growth of Disk Galaxies; N.P. Vogt and the DEEP Team. Rotation Curves of Spiral Galaxies. S.A. Kassin and R. S. de Jong. Evolution of Disk Galaxies. S.P. Bamford at al. Investigation of Age and Metallicity Gradients and Dust Extinction in Disc Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field; B. Cunow. Photometric Properties of Clumpy Galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field; D. Meloy Elmegreen. The Bivariate Brightness Distribution of Galaxy Disks; J. Liske at al.

Part VIII: Formation Models of Disk Galaxies. An Analytical Perspective on Galaxy Formation; J. Silk. X-rays from Disk Galaxy Halos, Lya from Forming Galaxies, and the z~1 Tully-Fisher Relation; J. Sommer-Larsen. Gas Rich Mergers in Disk Formation; C. B. Brook at al. Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation; F. Governato at al. Collapse of the Primordial Gas Clouds in the Presence of UV Radiation Field. J. Stasielak at al.

Part IX: Conference Summary. Island Universes; T. de Zeeuw.