Les Demoiselles De La Nuit - Fischer,Thierry/Ulster Orchestra
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1Le roi nu (Des Kaisers neue Kleider)
2The dance of the three tailors in the square before the palace00:02:10
3The king orders them to desist00:01:22
4The wondrous fabric is explained to the court00:02:03
5The fabric is brought out00:00:51
6General admiration00:01:35
7The queen dances with her lover00:01:05
8The king is heard approaching00:02:17
9Interlude for the king00:01:55
10The garment is put on - Interlude for the queen00:06:16
11A ball in the throne room - But the king is naked!00:03:38
13Les demoiselles de la nuit
14Dance of the servant cats and the young man00:02:22
15Entrance of the female kittens00:02:09
16Pursuit of the mouse00:00:50
17Entrance of Agathe, the coquettish white kitten00:07:04
18Entrance of the lady cats - Battle00:00:41
19Entrance of Madame, the leading female cat00:00:26
20Entrance of Baron de Grotius, the alpha male00:03:09
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