Delius:150th Anniversary Edition - Beecham/Barbirolli/Various
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CD 1
1Winter Night (Sleigh Ride)00:05:31
2Marche caprice (bearb. von Beecham)00:03:56
3Over the Hills and Far Away00:12:59
4Tanz-Rhapsodie Nr. 200:07:43
5Tanz-Rhapsodie Nr. 1
8Più lento tranquillo00:03:13
9Molto adagio00:03:08
10Paa vidderne (On the Mountains) (Sinfonische Dichtung)00:12:19
11Acknowledgement of underwriters of the recording of "A Village Romeo and Juliet"00:04:47
12Introductory mention of "A Village Romeo and Juliet", the arising of specific non conformist composers in history00:04:15
13Delius's background and personality, Beecham's discussions with Delius about literature, Delius and painters00:03:43
14The development of Delius's musical character and language, some references to other composers00:06:10
15Delius's operas and his style of composition, "A Village Romeo and Juliet"00:06:28
CD 2
1A Village Romeo and Juliet (Oper in 3 Akten) (Auszug)
2A Song of Summer (für Orchester)00:11:16
3Irmelin (Oper in 3 Akten) (Auszug)
4Late Swallows (bearb. von Fenby)00:10:57
5Rehearsing "Appalachia"00:02:41
6Appalachia (Variationen über ein altes Sklavenlied) (bearb.)
7Theme: Andante00:00:32
8Variation 100:00:22
9Variation 2: Moderato00:00:20
10Variation 3: Più vivo00:01:04
11Variation 4: Molto moderato00:04:59
12Variation 5: Con moto00:00:59
13Variation 6: Giocoso. Allegro moderato00:02:42
14Variation 7: Lento e molto tranquillo00:01:31
15Variation 8: Misterioso00:02:47
16Variation 9: Andante con grazia00:02:04
17Variation 10: Lento sostenuto e tranquillo00:02:39
18Variation 11: Allegro alla marcia00:01:50
19Variation 12: Marcia. Molto lento maestoso00:01:52
20Variation 13: L'istesso tempo00:01:35
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CD 3
1Paris (The Song of a Great City)00:21:46
2In a Summer Garden (Rhapsodie)00:14:16
3Stücke für kleines Orchester Nr. 1-2 (1911-12)
4Nr. 2 Summer night on the river00:06:26
5Fennimore and Gerda (Oper in 11 Bildern) (Auszug)
6Konzert für Klavier und Orchester c-moll
72. Largo00:07:32
83. Tempo primo00:05:43