The Web Was Done by Amateurs (eBook, PDF) - Aiello, Marco
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THE ORIGINS: The Pacific-Ocean Internet.- Hypermedia Until the Web.- THE WEB: The Original Web Pattern.- The Browser Lament.- THE PATCHES: Patching the Web.- Patch IV, Web Services.- The Unexploited Patch.- SYSTEM ENGINEERING: The Self-Organizing Web.- The Pervasive Future.- Should a New Web Be Designed?.- Dr. Dob's Interview with Alan Kay.- References.- Index.
"Aiello (Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany) documents the history of the Web in this small but informative volume. ... An excellent resource, particularly for students and professionals in computer science and engineering. Summing Up: Recommended. All academic levels." (C. Tappert, Choice, Vol. 56 (7), March, 2019)