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Part I The Problem: What is the problem? Men and Joules.- A few must-knows.- Fossil fuels.- ABC of climate science.- Part II Elements of solution: Energy storage, carbon sequestration and geo-engineering.- Non-fossil energy sources.- Constraints and hazards.- A toy model.- Part III History: Why societies are fragile.- When things went wrong.- When things went right.- Appendices: Notations and units; Wind power calculations; and ABC of nuclear physics.
"This book is a thoughtfully laid-out guide to help the reader grasp the immensity and intimacy of the energy and climate connection: a conversation starter and igniter. ... you will be invited to draw your own conclusions about the issues presented as you gain basic insight into the energy and climate relationship. ... As a specialist in energy education, I have read and digested countless energy and climate change articles, books, and classroom lessons. ... The Energy-Climate Continuum is refreshingly different." (Cynthia Howell, Reports of the National Center for Science Education, September-October, 2015)