Emerging Issues in Ecology and Environmental Science (eBook, PDF) - Jindal, Tanu
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Chapter1: Atmospheric electrical conductivity measurements during monsoon period at a semi-urban tropical station of Northern India.- Chapter2: Temporal mount in air pollutants allied with religious fiesta: DIWALI, festival of lights.- Chapter3: Mushrooms: as biological tool in Mycoremediation for soil pollution.- Chapter4: Establishing correlation between abiotic stress and isoprene emission of selected plant species.- Chapter5:Microplastic an unsafe pathway from Aquatic Environment to Health: A Review.- Chapter6: A review on the dairy industry wastewater characteristics, its impact on environment and treatment possibilities.- Chapter7: Physico - chemical Treatment of Research Laboratory Wastewater - A Case Study.- Chapter8: Efficiency of various granular activated carbon adsorbents in the treatment of waste water generated from Research & Development Laboratory-A case study.