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CD 1
1Ooh poo pah doo (Part One)00:02:25
3Shake a hand00:02:52
4Flip flop & Fly00:02:53
5Mama he treats your daughter mean00:02:55
6Pledding my love00:02:34
8Lawdy Miss Clawdy00:02:36
9Yre you out there00:03:01
10I got a woman00:02:55
11I'm mad00:02:42
12Love is strange00:02:49
13Annie had a baby00:02:43
14Honky tonk Pt 100:03:06
15C. C. Rider00:02:37
16You send me00:02:49
17Kansas city00:02:32
18A certain girl00:02:50
19Let them talk00:02:37
20Every beat of my heart00:02:05
CD 2
2Rock a bye baby00:02:44
3Pink champagne00:03:06
4Sixty minute man00:02:34
5Honey hush00:02:44
6Honey love00:02:27
7Jim dandy00:02:15
8I'll come running back to you00:02:13
9It's all in teh game00:02:41
10Stagger by me00:02:25
11Doggin' around00:02:49
12Stand by me00:02:58
14He will break your heart00:02:46
15A rockin' good way00:02:30
16What's happening00:02:28
17Over you00:02:14
18Just a little bit00:02:12
19A fool for you00:03:06
20Night train00:03:01
CD 3
1The clock00:02:56
2This magic moment00:02:30
3Since I met you baby00:02:47
4Lovey dovey00:02:41
5Spanish harlem00:02:54
6Jump back honey00:02:28
7Lucky lips00:02:10
8Devil or angel00:02:29
9Please please please00:02:49
10For you my love00:02:44
11Have mercy baby00:02:28
12Baby don't do it00:02:49
13What'd I say (Parts 1 & 2)00:05:09
14For your precious love00:02:48
15Gypsy woman00:02:22
16All by myself00:02:26
17Mr. lee00:02:19
18Poison ivy00:02:45
19Fanny mae00:02:46
20Work out00:02:23