The Astonishing - Dream Theater
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29. Januar 2016
  • Hersteller: I-Di,
  • EAN: 0016861749323
  • Artikelnr.: 44244411
CD 1
1Descent of the Nomacs00:01:10
2Dystopian overture00:04:50
3The gift of music00:04:00
4The answer00:01:52
5A better life00:04:39
6Lord Nafaryus00:03:28
7A savior in the square00:04:13
8When Your Time Has Come00:04:19
9Act of faythe00:05:00
10Three days00:03:44
11The Hovering Sojourn00:00:27
12Brother, can you hear me?00:05:11
13A life left behind00:05:49
16A tempting offer00:04:19
17Digital discord00:00:47
18The x aspect00:04:13
19A new beginning00:07:40
20The road to revolution00:03:35
CD 2
12285 Entr'acte00:02:20
2Moment of betrayal00:06:11
3Heaven's cove00:04:19
4Begin again00:03:54
5The path that divides00:05:09
6Machine chatter00:01:03
7The walking shadow00:02:58
8My last farewell00:03:44
9Losing faythe00:04:13
10Whispers on the wind00:01:37
11Hymn of a thousand voices00:03:38
12Our new world00:04:12
13Power down00:01:25