She Came From Liverpool!-Girl Pop 1962-1968 - Diverse
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1Love of the loved00:02:02
2Long tall shorty00:03:26
3Everybody loves a lover00:02:24
4I want you00:02:30
5Baby don't look down00:02:13
6Someone to love00:02:35
7What's she got (That I ain't got)00:02:35
8Only you can do it00:02:36
9That boy of mine00:02:07
10Something I've got to tell you00:02:46
11I don't understand00:02:17
12Just for him00:01:57
13Am I dreaming?00:02:31
14Till he tells me00:02:09
15A shot of rhythm and blues00:01:48
16Sticks and stones00:02:11
17Why do you hang around me00:02:22
18I don't want to be the one00:02:26
19Sally go round the roses00:03:02
20Puppet on a string00:01:42
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