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In Love's Time-The Delegation Story 1976-83/2CD
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 7. Juli 2017
  • Hersteller: ROUGH TRADE / Cherry Red,
  • EAN: 5013929067233
  • Artikelnr.: 48360867
CD 1
1Heartache No. 9 (12" Version)00:06:58
2Put a little love on me (12" Version)00:08:14
3Oh honey (12" Version)00:05:58
4Where Is The Love (We Used To Know)00:03:58
5The promise of love00:03:35
6Darlin' (I think about you)00:04:19
7Honey, I'm rich00:03:32
8You've been doing me wrong00:03:45
9Welcome To My World00:04:33
10We can make it00:04:42
11Someone oughta write a song (about you baby) (Single Version)00:03:38
12Mr. Heartbreak00:04:18
13Blue Girl00:05:12
14Let me take you to the sun00:04:03
15Sho' 'nuff Sold On You00:05:15
16Stand Up (Reach For The Sky)00:04:52
CD 2
1It's your turn (12" Version)00:07:12
2you and i00:05:16
3In the night00:03:36
4Turn on to city life00:03:35
512th house00:04:34
6In love's time00:04:02
7I Figure I'm Out Of Your Life00:04:40
8I Wantcha' Back00:03:12
9What took you so long00:04:06
10Singing (12" Version)00:07:02
11Dance, Prance, Boogie00:04:18
12Dance-time USA00:05:05
13Tell her00:03:42
14If You Were A Song00:03:45
15No words to say00:03:46
16Feels so good (loving you so bad)00:03:56
17Gonna' Bring The House Down00:05:36