Essential Original Albums - King,B.B.
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CD 1
1Please love me00:02:55
2You upset me baby00:03:05
3Everyday I have the blues00:02:52
4Bad luck00:02:56
53 o'clock blues00:03:04
6Blind love00:03:08
7Woke up this morning00:03:00
8You know I love you00:03:08
9Sweet little angel00:03:03
10Ten long years00:02:50
11Did you ever love a woman00:02:36
12Crying won't help you00:03:03
13Bad case of love00:02:23
14Get out of here00:02:43
15Bad luck soul00:02:21
16Shut your mouth00:02:44
17Baby, look at you00:03:11
18You're breaking my heart00:04:16
19My reward00:02:18
20Don't cry anymore00:02:21
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CD 2
1Why do things happen to me00:02:50
2Ruby Lee00:02:39
3When my heart beats like a hammer00:02:57
4Past day00:03:19
5Boogie woogie woman00:02:51
6Early in the morning00:02:34
7I want to get married00:03:06
8That ain't the way to do it00:02:21
9Troubles, troubles, troubles00:03:01
10Don't you want a man like me00:02:42
11You know I go for you00:02:41
12What can I do00:02:49
13You're gonna miss me00:02:51
14Got'em bad00:03:01
15Troubles don't last00:03:30
16Your letter00:03:35
17I can't explain00:03:33
18The wrong road00:03:01
19I need you baby00:03:31
20So many days00:03:22
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CD 3
1I've got a right to love my baby00:03:19
2What way to go00:03:10
3Long nights00:03:34
4Feel like a million00:03:35
5I'll survive00:02:44
6Good man gone bad00:02:49
7If I lost you00:02:43
8You're on the top00:02:53
9Partin' time00:03:03
10I'm king00:02:23
11You done lost your good thing now00:05:17
12Mr. Pawnbroker00:03:17
14Someday baby00:02:55
15Driving wheel00:02:54
16Walking Dr. Bill00:03:43
17My own fault, baby00:03:36
18Catfish blues00:02:35
19Hold that train00:04:00
20Please set the date00:02:50