The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther's Theology - Kolb, Robert; Dingel, Irene; Batka, Lubomír
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A comprehensive look at the background and context, the content, and the impact of Martin Luther's Theology, written by an international team of theologians and historians.

A comprehensive look at the background and context, the content, and the impact of Martin Luther's Theology, written by an international team of theologians and historians.
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Introduction: Luther s Thought and its role in the Twenty-First-Century Global Societies
I. Luther s Life
1 Charlotte Methuen: Luther s Life
II. The medieval background and origins of Luther s thought
2 Theodor Dieter: Luther as Late Medieval Theologian: His Positive and Negative use of Nominalism and Realism
3 Volker Leppin: Luther s roots in Monastic-Mystical piety
4 Martin Wernisch: Luther and Medieval Reform Movements, Particularly the Hussites
5 Erik Herrmann: Luther s Absorption of Medieval Biblical Interpretation and His Use of the Church Fathers
6 Robert Rosin: Humanism, Luther and the Wittenberg Reformation
7 Gerhard Muller: Luther s Transformation of Medieval Thought: Discontinuity and Continuity
8 Volker Leppin: Luther s Transformation of Medieval Thought: Continuity and Discontinuity
III. The hermeneutical principles that guided Luther s teaching and preaching
9 Mark Thompson: Luther on God and History
10 Johannes von Lupke: Luther s Use of Language
11 Vitor Westhelle: Luther s Theologia crucis
12 Robert Kolb: Luther s Hermeneutics of Distinctions: Law and Gospel, Two Kinds of Righteousness, Two Realms, Freedom and Bondage
IV. Luther s treatment of the traditional topics of western Christian theology
13 Steven Paulson: Luther Doctrine of God
14 Johannes Schwanke: Luther Theology of Creation
15 Notger Slenczka: Luther s Anthropology
16 L ubomir Batka: Luther s Teaching on Sin and Evil
17 Risto Saaarinen: Justification by Faith: The View of the Mannermaa School
18 Mark Mattes: Luther on Justification as Forensic and Effective
19 Mattheiu Arnold: Luther on Christ s Person and Work
20 Jeffrey Silcock: Luther on the Holy Spirit and His Use of God s Word
21 Jonathan Trigg: Luther on Baptism and Penance
22 Gordon A. Jensen: Luther and the Lord s Supper
23 David P. Daniel: Luther on the Church
24 Jane E. Strohl: Luther s Eschatology
V. Luther s view of sanctified living
25 Jane E. Strohl: The Framework for Christian Living: Luther on the Christian s Callings
26 Jane E. Strohl: Luther on Marriage, Sexuality and the Family
27 Ricardo Rieth: Luther s Treatment of Economic Life
28 Eike Wolgast: Luther s Treatment of Political and Societal Life
29 Carter Lindberg: Piety, Prayer, and Worship in Luther s View of Daily Life
30 Gregory Miller: Luther s Views of Jews and Turks
31 Paul Rajashekar: Luther as a Resource for Christian Dialogue with Other World Religions
VI. The genre in which Luther shaped his theology
32 Mary Jane Haemig: The Influence of the Genre of Exegetical Instruction, Preaching, and Catechesis on Luther
33 Ronald K. Rittgers: How Luther s Engagement in Pastoral Care Shaped Luther s Theology
34 Anna Vind: Luther s Thought Assumed Form in Polemics
35 Christoph Burger: Translation of Scripture and Hymns Shaped Luther s Theology
VI. The Impact and Reception of Luther's Thought in History and in the twenty-first Century
36 Timothy J. Wengert: The Wittenberg circle
37 Heribert Smolinsky: Luther s Roman Catholic Critics
38 Amy Nelson Burnett: Luther and the Schwarmer
39 Irene Dingel: Luther s Authority in the Late Reformation and Protestant Orthodoxy
40 Paul R. Hinlicky: The Use of Luther s Thought in Pietism and the Enlightenment
41 Heinrich Assel: The Use of Luther s Thought in the Nineteenth Century and the Luther Renaissance
42 Thomas A. Brady, Jr.: Marxist Evaluations of Luther s Thought
43 Theo M. M. A. C. Bell: Roman Catholic Luther Research in the Twentieth Century: From Rejection to Rehabilitation
44 Kenneth G. Appold: Luther s Abiding Significance for World Protestantism
45 Pilgrim W. K. Lo: Luther and Asia
46 Luther in Africa
47 Nestor Luiz Joao Beck: Luther Studies in Latin America
Conclusion: Venturing into the Study of Luther
Appendices: Sources and Resources, and Glossary