The Symbolism and Communicative Contents of Dreadlocks in Yorubaland (eBook, PDF) - Agwuele, Augustine
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.Introduction..Chapter 1 Trivial behaviors as valuable data Trivial Research Scope and Content.-.Chapter 2 The Yoruba Universe The Yoruba World The economic order of the 17th century was primary around enslavement Yoruba Filiality.-.Chapter 3 Diachronic Study of Yoruba Hairstyles At the Scripture Union House in Ibadan Traditional Styles Dada Personal Styles and Identity.-.Chapter 4 The Underpinning of The Yoruba view of hairstyle Yoruba Traditional Religion: Ori The good life and Ori Ori and Receive Confessions Culture of Fear Old Wine, New Gourd.-.Chapter 5 Dynamics of culture and visual profiling Synchronic Yoruba Body Image and Perception of Hairstyles Contemporary Popular Perceptions Adaptive Practices: Elite Athletes and Artists Iyalorisa and the Pastor: A case of two Yoruba Other Perspectives: African American and Natural Hairstyles.-.Conclusion.