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CD 1
1We travel the world00:03:16
2Say thank you00:03:03
3Come come00:02:39
4Conquest of paradise (All songs we love)00:03:07
5Nobody cares like you00:04:24
6We will live forever00:03:12
7And when we're dancing00:03:30
8Wasted time00:03:25
9Endless sommer00:03:09
11The train of life is rolling00:03:27
CD 2
1Nobody cares like you (Extended Version)00:07:19
2We will live forever (Extended Version)00:07:19
3Say thank you (Extended Version)00:06:08
4Come come (Extended Version)00:05:10
5And when we're dancing (Extended Version)00:05:01
6We travel the world (Extended Version)00:04:39
7Conquest of paradise (All songs we love) (Extended Version)00:05:39
8Wasted time (Extended Version)00:06:01
9Endless sommer (Extended Version)00:05:30
10Dragonfly (Extended Version)00:05:14
11The train of life is rolling (Extended Version)00:06:02
12My life goes on (Extended Version)00:04:01