Turn! Turn! Turn! The Byrds Ultimate Collection - Byrds,The
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CD 1
1All I Really Want To Do00:02:04
2I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better00:02:32
3I Knew I'd Want You00:02:15
4Mr. Tambourine Man00:02:31
5Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)00:03:50
6She Don't Care About Time00:02:30
7The World Turns All Around Her00:02:14
8Here Without You00:02:37
9She has a way00:02:26
10Spanish Harlem Incident00:01:59
11It Won't Be Wrong00:01:59
13Mr. Spaceman00:02:09
14What's Happening?00:02:36
15Captain Soul00:02:54
165D (Fifth Dimension)00:02:34
CD 2
1Eight Miles High00:03:36
2Set You Free This Time00:02:49
3Wild Mountain Thyme00:02:30
4So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star00:02:06
5Everybody's Been Burned00:03:05
6My Back Pages00:03:09
7Have You Seen Her Face00:02:41
8Don't make waves00:01:37
9Lady Friend00:02:32
10Old John Robertson00:01:51
11Chimes Of Freedom00:03:51
12Goin' Back00:03:27
13Change Is Now00:03:23
14Artificial Energy00:02:20
15Pretty Boy Floyd00:02:35
16I Am A Pilgrim00:03:41
CD 3
1You Ain't Goin' Nowhere00:02:35
2The Christian Life00:02:29
3Hickory Wind00:03:31
4You're Still On My Mind00:02:25
5One Hundred Years From Now00:02:39
6Bad Night At The Whiskey00:03:23
7Drug store truck drivin' man00:03:53
8Old Blue00:03:22
9Wasn't Born To Follow00:02:06
10Child Of The Universe00:03:16
11Ballad Of Easy Rider00:02:04
12Oil In My Lamp00:03:12
13Jesus Is Just Alright00:02:10
14Lay lady lay00:03:18
15It's All Over Now, Baby Blue00:03:04
16Chestnut mare00:05:10