The Real...Harry Belafonte - Belafonte,Harry
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CD 1
1Scarlet Ribbons (for her hair) (Remastered)00:02:40
2Jump Down, Spin Around00:01:56
3Suzanne (Every Night When The Sun Goes Down) (REMASTERED)00:03:11
4Matilda, Matilda00:03:38
5Take My Mother Home00:05:50
6Unchained melody00:03:22
7Day-O (Banana Boat Song) (Remastered)00:03:04
8Jamaica Farewell (Remastered)00:02:47
9Mary's Boy Child (Remastered)00:04:20
10Come Back Liza00:03:04
11I Do Adore Her00:02:48
12Man Smart (Woman Smarter) (Remastered)00:02:30
13Danny boy00:05:19
15Island in the Sun (Remastered)00:02:46
16Cocoanut Woman00:02:58
17Hold 'em Joe00:02:36
18Angelique-O (Remastered)00:02:40
CD 2
1Cu-Cu-Ru-Cu-Cu Paloma (Remastered)00:05:26
2Don't Ever Love Me00:02:46
3Mama, Look A BooBoo00:03:00
4Hallelujah, I Love Her So00:02:53
5Cotton fields (Remastered)00:05:18
6My Lord What A Mornin'00:04:23
7Jump in the Line00:03:44
8A Hole In The Bucket00:04:11
10Sweetheart From Venezuela00:03:32
12Goin' Down Jordan00:05:35
13Kingston Market00:03:17
14Land of the sea and sun (REMASTERED)00:02:59
15Betty An' Dupree00:05:19
16Dark As A Dungeon00:04:15
17I'm On My Way To Saturday00:02:45
18'Long About Now00:03:55
CD 3
1Midnight special00:03:59
2Try to remember00:04:04
3Who's Gonna Be Your Man00:03:42
4Summertime Love00:03:58
5Lyla, Lyla00:03:26
6On Top Of Old Smokey00:05:58
7Tongue Tie Baby00:03:51
8Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back)00:03:17
9Four Strong Winds00:02:52
10Blue Willow Moan00:03:35
11Big Boat Up The River00:04:06
12John The Revelator00:03:41
13Black Betty00:04:14
14Tone The Bell Easy00:03:20
15My Love Is A Dewdrop00:03:25
17Pastures Of Plenty00:03:42
18I'm Just A Country Boy00:03:03