The Cutting Edge 1965-1966:The Bootleg Series,V.12 - Dylan,Bob
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CD 1
1Love Minus Zero / No Limit [Take 1 Breakdown]00:01:32
2Love Minus Zero / No Limit [Take 2 Acoustic]00:03:09
3Love Minus Zero / No Limit [Take 3 Remake, Complete]00:03:41
4Love Minus Zero / No Limit [Take 1 Remake, Complete]00:02:41
5I'll Keep It with Mine [Take 1, Piano Demo]00:04:10
6It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [Take 1]00:03:32
7Bob Dylan's 115th Dream [Take 1, Fragment]00:00:26
8Bob Dylan's 115th Dream [Take 2, Complete]00:05:48
9She belongs to me [Take 1 Solo Acoustic]00:02:56
10She Belongs to Me [Take 2 Remake, Complete]00:03:18
11She Belongs to Me [Take 1 Remake, Complete]00:02:49
12Subterranean Homesick Blues [Take 1]00:03:05
13Subterranean Homesick Blues [Take 1 Alternate Take]00:02:37
14Outlaw Blues [Take 1, Complete]00:02:14
15Outlaw blues [Take 2 Alternate Take]00:03:28
16On the Road Again [Take 1 Complete]00:03:20
17On the Road Again [Take 4 Alternate Take]00:02:30
18On the Road Again [Take 1 Remake, Complete]00:02:29
19On the Road Again [Take 7 Remake, Complete]00:02:47
20Farewell, Angelina [Take 1, Solo Acoustic]00:05:26
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CD 2
1California [Take 1, Solo Acoustic]00:03:04
2It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [Take 1, False Start]00:01:08
3Mr. Tambourine Man [Takes 1-2, False Starts]00:01:50
4Mr. Tambourine Man [Take 3 with Band, Incomplete]00:03:22
5It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 1, Complete (6/15/65)]00:02:39
6It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Take 8 - Alternate Take)00:03:28
7It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 3, Incomplete]00:03:11
8It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 3 Remake, Complete]00:03:40
9Sitting On a Barbed Wire Fence [Take 2]00:03:58
10Tombstone Blues (Take 1 - Alternate Take)00:07:29
11Tombstone Blues (Take 9)00:03:35
12Positively 4th Street [Takes 1-3, False Starts]00:00:56
13Positively 4th Street [Take 4, Complete]00:04:22
14Postively 4th Street [Take 5 Alternate Take]00:04:22
15Desolation Row [Take 1 (Alternate Take)]00:11:16
16Desolation row [Take 2 (Piano Demo)]00:01:59
17Desolation Row [Take 5 (Remake, Complete)]00:10:50
18From a Buick 6 [Take 1, False Start]00:00:21
19From a Buick 6 [Take 4]00:03:11
CD 3
1Like a Rolling Stone [Takes 1-3, Rehearsal]00:05:49
2Like a Rolling Stone [Take 4 Rehearsal]00:01:38
3Like a Rolling Stone (Take 5 - Rehearsal)00:02:16
4Like a Rolling Stone [Rehearsal Remake]00:02:31
5Like a Rolling Stone [Take 1 Remake, Rehearsal]00:01:55
6Like a Rolling Stone [Takes 2-3 Remake, False Starts]00:00:33
7Like a Rolling Stone [Take 4 Remake]00:06:26
8Like a Rolling Stone [Take 5 Remake, Rehearsal]00:01:52
9Like a Rolling Stone [Take 6 Remake, False Start]00:00:19
10Like a Rolling Stone [Take 8 Remake, Breakdown]00:04:16
11Like a Rolling Stone [Takes 9-10 Remake, False Starts]00:00:33
12Like a Rolling Stone [Take 11 Alternate Take]00:05:55
13Like a Rolling Stone [Take 12 Remake, False Start]00:00:08
14Like a Rolling Stone [Take 13 Remake, Breakdown]00:01:35
15Like a Rolling Stone [Take 14 Remake, False Start]00:00:22
16Like a Rolling Stone [Take 15 Remake, Breakdown]00:03:06
17Like a Rolling Stone [Master Take, Guitar]00:06:23
18Like a Rolling Stone [Master Take, Vocals, Guitar]00:06:23
19Like a Rolling Stone [Master Take, Piano, Bass]00:06:23
20Like a Rolling Stone [Master Take, Drums, Organ]00:06:27