The 80'S Hit Box - Modern Talking
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CD 1
1Cheri Cheri Lady00:03:45
2Lonely Tears In Chinatown00:03:29
3Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)00:03:48
4Heaven Will Know00:04:01
5Just We Two (Mona Lisa)00:03:54
6You're My Heart, You're My Soul00:03:48
7Don't Let It Get You Down00:03:40
8Do You Wanna00:04:21
9Angie's Heart00:03:37
10Jet Airliner - Radio Version00:04:16
11With A Little Love00:03:33
12Only Love Can Break My Heart00:03:35
13Ten Thousand Lonely Drums00:03:31
14Don't Lose My Number00:03:10
15You And Me00:04:01
16Sweet Little Sheila00:03:04
17Who Will Save The World00:03:45
18One In A Million00:03:41
20Just Like An Angel00:03:13
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CD 2
1Brother Louie00:03:41
2Locomotion Tango00:03:49
3Diamonds Never Made A Lady00:04:03
4In 100 Years00:03:57
5Don't Worry00:03:34
6Wild Wild Water00:04:17
7You Can Win If You Want - Special Single Remix00:03:42
8Arabian Gold00:03:41
9Riding On A White Swan00:03:53
10Geronimo's Cadillac00:03:16
11Save Me - Don't Break Me00:03:45
12Let's Talk About Love00:03:53
13Give Me Peace On Earth00:04:12
14Lucky Guy00:03:30
15Lady Lai00:04:55
16In Shaire00:03:43
17There's Too Much Blue In Missing You00:04:39
18Slow Motion00:03:40
19Hey You00:03:20
20Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere00:04:31
CD 3
1You're My Heart, You're My Soul - Extended Version00:05:36
2You Can Win If You Want - Special Dance Version00:05:19
3Cheri, Cheri Lady - Special Dance Version00:04:52
4Brother Louie - Special Long Version00:05:20
5Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) - Extended Version00:05:23
6Geronimo's Cadillac - Long Vocal Version00:05:02
7Jet Airliner - Fasten-Seat-Belt-Mix00:05:53
8In 100 Years - Long Version - Future Mix00:06:39
9You're My Heart, You're My Soul - Instrumental00:04:02
10You Can Win If You Want - Instrumental00:03:42
11Cheri, Cheri Lady - Instrumental00:03:36
12Brother Louie - Instrumental00:04:06
13Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) - Intstrumental Version00:03:59
14Geronimo's Cadillac - Instrumental Version00:03:12
15Jet Airliner - Instrumental00:03:49
16In 100 Years - Part II00:04:06
17Lucky Guy - Instrumental00:03:33