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CD 1
1In the air tonight00:05:35
2I missed again00:03:44
3If Leaving Me Is Easy00:04:56
4Thru These Walls00:05:04
5You Can't Hurry Love00:02:54
6I don't care anymore00:05:03
7Don't let him steal your heart away00:04:45
8Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning00:03:09
9I Cannot Believe It's True00:05:14
10Against all odds00:03:26
11Easy Lover00:05:03
13One More Night00:04:48
14Don't Lose My Number00:04:48
15Take Me Home00:05:53
CD 2
1Separate Lives00:04:08
2A Groovy Kind Of Love00:03:30
3Two Hearts00:03:24
4Another Day In Paradise00:05:23
5I Wish It Would Rain Down00:05:28
6Something Happened On The Way To Heaven00:04:51
7That's Just The Way It Is00:05:20
8Hang In Long Enough00:04:44
9Do You Remember?00:04:36
10Who Said I Would00:04:01
11Both sides of the story00:06:42
13We wait and we wonder00:07:00
14Dance Into The Light00:04:23
15It's In Your Eyes00:03:04
CD 3
1No Matter Who00:04:41
2Wear My Hat00:04:42
3The Same Moon00:04:07
4True Colors00:04:34
5You'll Be In My Heart00:04:17
6Strangers like me00:03:01
7Son Of Man00:02:44
8Two Worlds00:02:42
9Can't Stop Loving You00:04:16
10The Least You Can Do00:04:22
11Wake up call00:05:14
12Look Through My Eyes00:04:00
13No Way Out00:04:17
14(Love is like a) heatwave00:02:52
15Going back00:04:38
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