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CD 1
1Neverending Love00:03:28
2Secrets That She Keeps00:03:42
3Goodbye To You00:04:01
4Soul Deep00:03:34
5The Look00:03:57
6Dressed For Success (Us Single Mix)00:04:12
7Sleeping Single00:04:40
10Listen To Your Heart (Swedish Single Edit)00:05:15
11The Voice00:04:17
12Cry (Demo)00:05:08
13It Must Have Been Love00:04:20
14Joyride (Single Version)00:04:01
15Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)00:03:54
16Spending My Time00:04:36
17Watercolours In The Rain00:03:40
18Church Of Your Heart00:03:24
19Perfect Day00:04:05
CD 2
1The Big L.00:04:29
2(Do You Get) Excited?00:04:16
3Things Will Never Be The Same00:04:28
4Love Spins00:03:30
5Seduce Me00:03:56
6How Do You Do!00:03:11
7The Heart Shaped Sea00:04:20
8The Rain00:04:50
9Never Is A Long Time00:03:46
10Silver Blue00:04:08
11Come Back (Before You Leave)00:04:33
12Queen Of Rain00:04:57
13Almost Unreal00:03:54
14Sleeping In My Car (Single Version)00:03:34
15Crash! Boom! Bang! (Radio Edit)00:04:27
17The First Girl On The Moon00:02:58
18I'm Sorry00:03:12
19See Me00:03:45
CD 3
1Run To You00:03:37
2June Afternoon00:04:08
3You Don't Understand Me00:04:28
4She Doesn't Live Here Anymore00:04:04
5I Don't Want To Get Hurt00:04:16
6Always Breaking My Heart00:03:06
8Wish I Could Fly00:04:41
9You Can't Put Your Arms Around What's Already Gone00:03:32
10Waiting For The Rain00:03:39
14Beautiful Things00:03:49
15It Hurts00:03:52
16Little Miss Sorrow00:03:56
17Happy Together00:03:56
18Staring At The Ground (Demo)00:03:50
19It Will Take A Long Long Time00:03:58