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CD 1
1Honky tonk man (LP Version)00:02:48
2It Won't Hurt (Album Version)00:03:05
3I'll Be Gone (LP Version)00:02:49
4South Of Cincinnati (LP Version)00:04:55
5Bury me (LP Version)00:03:19
6Guitars, cadillacs (LP Version)00:03:04
7Twenty Years (LP Version)00:02:43
8Ring Of Fire (LP Version)00:03:14
9Miner's Prayer (LP Version)00:02:25
10Heartaches By The Number (LP Version)00:03:12
CD 2
1Little Ways (LP Version)00:03:21
2Smoke along the track (Album Version)00:03:13
3Johnson's Love (LP Version)00:04:31
4Please, please baby (LP Version)00:03:36
5Readin', Rightin', Rt. 23 (LP Version)00:03:33
6Always late with your kisses (LP Version)00:02:13
71,000 Miles (LP Version)00:04:12
8Throughout All Time (LP Version)00:03:54
9Little sister (LP Version)00:03:05
10This drinkin' will kill me (LP Version)00:02:34
CD 3
1I Got You (LP Version)00:03:31
2One More Name (LP Version)00:03:09
3What I don't know (LP Version)00:03:50
4Home of the blues (LP Version)00:02:55
5Buenos Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses) (LP Version)00:04:33
6I Hear You Knocking (LP Version)00:03:16
7I sang Dixie (LP Version)00:03:51
8Streets Of Bakersfield (LP Version)00:02:51
9Floyd County (LP Version)00:02:58
10Send Me The Pillow (LP Version)00:03:03
11Hold On To God (LP Version)00:03:14