Original Album Classics - Simon,Paul
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CD 1
1Mother And Child Reunion00:03:09
3Everything Put Together Falls Apart00:02:01
4Run That Body Down00:03:54
5Armistice Day00:03:57
6Me and Julio down by the schoolyard00:02:44
7Peace Like A River00:03:23
8Papa Hobo00:02:35
9Hobo's Blues00:01:20
10Paranoia Blues00:02:58
12Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard (Demo - San Francisco 2/71)00:02:29
13Duncan (Demo - San Francisco 2/71)00:02:48
14Paranoia blues (Unreleased Version)00:03:14
CD 2
3Take Me To The Mardi Gras00:03:30
4Something so right00:04:36
5One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor00:03:48
6American Tune00:03:47
7Was A Sunny Day00:03:44
8Learn How To Fall00:02:47
9St. Judy's Comet00:03:21
10Loves Me Like a Rock00:03:40
11Let Me Live In Your City (Work In Progress)00:04:21
12Take me to the Mardi Gras (Acoustic demo)00:02:31
13American tune (Unfinished Demo)00:04:03
14Loves me like a rock (Acoustic demo)00:03:24
CD 3
1Allergies (Remastered)00:04:39
2Hearts and bones (Remastered)00:05:39
3When Numbers Get Serious (Remastered)00:03:26
4Think Too Much (B) (Remastered)00:02:45
5Song About The Moon (Remastered)00:04:11
6Think Too Much (A) (Remastered)00:03:05
7Train In The Distance (Remastered)00:05:12
8Rene And George Magritte with Their Dog After The War (Remastered)00:03:45
9Cars Are Cars (Remastered)00:03:15
10The Late Great Johnny Ace (Remastered)00:04:53
11Shelter of your arms (Unreleased Work-In-Progress)00:03:11
12Train in the distance (Original Acoustic Demo)00:03:13
13Rene And George Magritte with Their Dog After The War (Original Acoustic Demo)00:03:47
14The late great Johnny Ace (Original Acoustic Demo)00:03:22