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CD 1
1In the air tonight00:05:36
2This Must Be Love00:03:56
3Behind The Lines00:03:55
4The roof is leaking00:03:16
6Hand in hand00:05:22
7I missed again00:03:46
8You know what I mean00:02:33
9Thunder and lightning00:04:13
10I'm not moving00:02:35
11If Leaving Me Is Easy00:04:55
12Tomorrow Never Knows00:04:52
CD 2
1Misunderstanding (Live)00:04:42
2If Leaving Me Is Easy (Live)00:07:23
3In the air tonight (Live)00:07:51
4Behind The Lines (Live)00:03:39
5The roof is leaking (Live)00:03:12
6Hand in hand (Live)00:09:47
7I missed again (Live)00:04:22
8... and so to F (Live)00:06:22
9This Must Be Love (Demo)00:03:44
10Please don't ask (Demo)00:04:01
11Misunderstanding (Demo)00:02:53
12Against all odds (Demo)00:02:58