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CD 1
1Dance into the light00:04:24
2That's what you said00:04:20
4Just another story00:06:24
5Love police00:04:11
6Wear my hat00:04:44
7It's in your eyes00:03:02
8Oughta know by now00:05:30
9Take me down00:03:27
10The same moon00:04:09
11River so wide00:04:57
12No matter who00:04:40
13The times they are a-changin'00:05:10
CD 2
1Dance into the light (Live)00:04:41
2Just another story (Live)00:06:20
3Wear my hat (Live)00:04:59
4River so wide (Live)00:04:58
5Take me down (Live)00:03:37
6Lorenzo (Demo)00:04:47
7That's what you said (Demo)00:04:17
8Another time (B-side)00:05:34
9It's over (B-side)00:04:24
10I don't wanna go (B-side)00:02:56